Friends;   The LivCo BOC met Dec 13th 2021. 

Resolutions passed to 

1] Give final approval to entire 2022 budget. 

2] Approved  Veterans Court and Drug court to receive  $150,000 grant. 

3]  Approve Airport to chase a $23,000 grant

4]  Approve a water purity contract using State money 

5] Approve money for MSU Extension to operate in LivCo for 2022 

6]  Purchase fire protection foam for the hangar at EMS 

7] Approve medical supply contracts for EMS 

8] Continue a 2021 temporary CCP 19 leave policy for 2022 

9]  Renew a legal services  contract with Cohl Stoker for 2022. 

10 Approve move by the Clerk to space in the basement with new equipment purchases [ this Commissioner objected and voted against due to the high cost, no competitive bidding , no use of the County Capital Fund written proposal and scoring process   and the county already had a portion of the proposed purchases in our ownership] 

11] Approval of offering new hires a defined contribution  retirement plan  saving an estimated $400,000. 

12 Litigation re opiates discussed counsel’s opinion.     Commmsioner Drick was elected 2010, 2012, 2020 to a partial term and a full term 2021  for 2 years.  He serves as Chair of the Public Safety Committee  and is a member of the  Emergency Planning Committee along with the Finance Committee, the CIRAB Board , Thompson Lake Board, and the MSU Extension Board.

As always I remain your conservative servant.  Jay R Drick  a.k.a.  “PICK DRICK”  Feel free to send this along to friends and neighbors or supply me with new emails. 

 I thank you.    JRD

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