On Tue, Jan 4, 2022 at 2:43 PM Jay Drick <jayrdrick@gmail.com> wrote:
Friends;  The Dec. BOC saw the following resolutions: 

1] Approved acceptance of opioid fighting grant for adult drug court 

2] Approved acceptance of Juvenile Court grant to provide internet to low income customers and extra pay for attys for home visits. 

3]Approved acceptance of grant for Courts to buy software and hardware to provide non contact transactions at indoor and outdoor kiosks 

4} Approved the 2022 to 2027  emergency Hazard mitigation plan for the County essentially allowing all 20 local gov to apply for FEMA grants.

5}  Approved buying more cameras for Sheriff cars due to end of useful life 

6]  Authorized J Palmbos to offer  COLA to unions at Sheriff dept thus altering contracts. 

7] Approved amendments to the 4th quarter budget to recognize the reality of actual revenue and expenses. 

8] Approved 1 million more dollars to the MERS pension debt in 2021.

9] Approved a study in 2022 of Commissioner pay to update one last done in 2015.

10]  Approved appointment to various boards.    The Jan 3rd BOC saw the following action:   2022 ByLaw revisions proposed by W Nakagiri were discussed and amendments passed.  No more Wed 7:30am Fin meetings  All BOC [9 member] and Committee [4 member] meetings will be on MONDAYS  the first to start at 6pm  [ not 5:30pm] and the next as soon as the first is over.. Get your color coded BOC meeting calendar by emailing this Commissioner at the address above.   Last,  the “PUBLIC COMMENT” statutory right has been changed.  At full 9 member BOC meetings  the first call will allow 3 minutes max  and the latter pre adjournment call will be shortened to 2 minutes.  At the 4 member Committee meetings only 1 call to the public  at the opening , the final call has been eliminated entirely.   As to the Public Comment eliminations… this Commissioner voted NO , all the rest voted yes [ except Jay Gross who was absent.] 

I am a public servant, I do not believe it is a servant’s place to tell my bosses to be quiet.   

I remain your conservative public servant  Jay R Drick  5th District incumbent.

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