Milford, Michigan (March 21, 2022) – Explore Brighton Howell Area (EBHA), also known as the Livingston County Convention and Visitors Bureau, welcomes new racing opportunities for high school rowers at the new Kathryn Bennett Race Course supported by the Southeast Michigan Rowing Foundation (501c3) in Kensington Metropark. The Mitten Racing Series, as well as the Midwest (Nationals qualifier) and State Rowing Championships will be run throughout April and May of 2022. 

Thousands of high school rowing athletes, parents, and spectators will compete on Kent Lake, located in the Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan.

“This is going to have an incredible impact on Southeast Michigan communities as well as rowing in the State,” said Kit Bennett, Director of the race course. Long term the community hopes to have additional racing opportunities for kayaking and other fall races. 

Executive Director of EBHA, Mary Robinson, believes Livingston County’s Kensington Metropark is the “perfect fit” for the 2022 Mitten Racing Series Regatta. EBHA is the official marketing and development authority of the visitor experience in Livingston County.

“This event is a massive win for our community. We are a family-friendly destination with endless sporting and outdoor recreation opportunities. I will be very proud to showcase the beautiful Kensington Metropark in Milford during the 2022 Mitten Racing Series Regatta,” said Robinson.

Each race event will infuse approximately a $500,000 infusion into the local economy based on the economic impact studies from similar races and the history of the events for decades. The Midwest event is much more significant and is conservatively estimated to bring $1.2-$1.8 million into Livingston and Oakland Counties. Michigan looks to be the permanent home for the series of races moving forward.

Businesses located in Livingston County and Southeast Michigan can participate in sponsorship opportunities for the 2022 Mitten Racing Series Regatta. Funds will support infrastructure needs and race expenses. “We can help you connect with these teams,” said Bennett. Those who are interested in sponsorships can learn more by visiting this link.

There are infrastructure needs and needs for race expenses. The racecourse supported by the Southeast Michigan Foundation will be put in a bid to be awarded the 2025 Nationals, which will roughly create a direct economic influx of $2.5 million to the communities around Kensington Metropark.

EBHA has created an RFP for hotels and lodging as the event expects to draw many overnight visitors. Hotels and accommodations can view the RFP link or contact for more information.

The races begin April 23 and conclude on May 21 (specific dates listed below). EBHA and the Southeast Michigan Rowing Foundation are searching for local government and community support to ensure the success and continued hosting of races in Livingston County, Michigan.


April 23 – Mitten Series 1 – 2022 Mitten Racing Series Regatta

April 30 – Mitten Series 2 – 2022 Mitten Racing Series Regatta

May 7 – Mitten Series 3 – 2022 Mitten Racing Series Regatta

May 13th – 15 – Midwest Scholastic Championships -2022 Mitten Racing Series Regatta 

May 20th – 21 – State Championships -2022 Mitten Racing Series Regatta 

For more information on the 2022 Mitten Racing Series Regatta and sponsorships, please email Kit Bennett at

For more information or ways to collaborate with EBHA, contact Mary Robinson, Executive Director of Explore Brighton Howell Area (EBHA), at

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