Jay R. Drick, Commissioner

Colleagues:   Resolutions approved in April 2022 by the Board of Commissioners were: 

1] adoption of equalization report 

2] submission of estimated County general fund budget for 2023 to Tax Allocation Board 

3] adoption of amendments to first quarter budget to reflect actual income and outgo

4] agreement to continue water testing on vacant county land 

5] adoption of work plan for ARPA consultant 

6] approval of EMS biller to ten more hours per week 

7] approval of 5 bus purchases by LETS 

8] approval of gas delivery contract of about 3 cents per gallon

9] approval of 8 sheriff car leases

10] approval of 4 more cars to Sheriff fleet of 60     

11] approval of grant application for Community Corrections for 2023 

12] discussion of Broadband survey results.  The reality is that private corps have picked the easy close together homes and their advertised speed are less in fact.  Putting fiber on poles costs up to  $24,000 a mile then there is recurring pole rental cost.  Underground costs up to $70,000 a mile with recurring breakage and accident cost.  The IT Dept. was asked to bring the full range of options in a future report. I hope you like tax cuts…I delivered one to you in both 2021 and 2022.  A third tax cut is on my target list for you in 2023 

Your public servant,  Jay R Drick

G1NBC Livingston County MI