The BOC met 6/27/22. 

Jay R. Drick

1st Quarter employee recognition went to Dorian Harrow and Bridget Durfee  congratulations!   

The following resolutions were passed: 

1] The annual financial audit was accepted having passed at the highest level of competence. 

2] Appointed Jack Hardy to the Airport Board. 

3] Reclassified a 911 worker from exempt to non [now OT eligible] 

4] Usher Oil awarded contract to remove polluted water from closed landfill..lowest bidder. 

5] Increased cost of jail inmate meals by 33 cents 

6]Promoted  an assistant prosecutor from Dist Crt to Circuit Crt. 

7]  Juvenile Court may apply for a grants to hire attys & help children 

8] Grants application approved for mental health court 

9] At a discount purchased two ambulances for $469,000.00   A resolution to appt a 3 person committee to suggest methods to select a new health officer. 

Breaking news!!  Yesterday our MERS retirement corp reported our funding level went up to 83%   and discussion began on a project to lower the county winter tax bill to residents to ZERO!! 

Your public servant 

Jay R Drick  

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