Jay R Drick. Commissioner

1] Contract with Sparrow Hosp to be medical examiner IF a poison pill clause objected to by this Commissioner which is NOT in the best interest of LivCo is altered  amended or removed. 

2]  Airport budget amended due to higher fuel cost and sale prices 

3] granting easement to DTE 

4] Amended position duties and status  at Veteran Affairs

5]  Contract to propose bid data and components of broadband for middle mile option and last mile option 

6] Tabled a resolution to list  vacant land for sale until  poison pill clause in contract found by this Commissioner is removed or amended

7]  ARPA money used to improve Clerk software

8]  ARPA money used to improve IT storage

9]  Fleet vehicles allowed to be  bought to beat price increases

10]   Sheriff OK to buy 2  vehicles

11] 3 Hospitals allowed to donate money to defray transportation cost for healthcare

12]  LETS to contract for bus service in Whitmore lake and replace 6 buses which were ordered then cancelled by the factory.

Your public servant  Jay R Drick.  

G1NBC Livingston County MI