HARTLAND TOWNSHIP – Livingston County Commissioner Wes Nakagiri (R) has issued endorsements for these Hartland School Board Candidates: Michelle Blondeel for the partial term ending 12/31/2024, and Glenn Gogoleski, Greg Keller, Robert E. Merwin for full six-year terms.

“When compared to similar schools in other school districts, Hartland’s schools are rated mostly D’s and F’s by the State of Michigan. We need NEW board members who will focus on our children’s academic performance,” said Nakagiri, who also serves as the Chairman of the Livingston County Board of Commissioners.

Nakagiri recently investigated the academic performance of Hartland Consolidated schools. Analyzing the most up-to-date data, Nakagiri was troubled by what he found. The 2020-2021 data supplied by the State of Michigan showed the percentage of academically proficient Hartland students ranged from a low of 41.09% at Village Elementary to a high of 63.57% at Creekside Elementary.

Using a misleading rating scale, school officials can claim Village Elementary achieved a letter grade of B, while Creekside Elementary achieved a letter grade of A. However, when compared to their peers, Village Elementary received a grade of F, while Creekside Elementary received a grade of C.

An explanation of Michigan’s school rating scale along with Hartland’s academic performance can be found in Nakagiri’s report titled “Hartland’s Academic Report Card.” His full report can be found at https://nakagiri.substack.com/p/hartlands-academic-report-card. His report was based on data provide by the State of Michigan. This data can be found at https://www.mischooldata.org/school-grades/.

As the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Wes Nakagiri (R) serves as the elected leader of Livingston County, Michigan. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from General Motors Institute and a Masters of Applied Statistics from Oakland University. He and his wife Donna reside in Hartland Township.


For release on October 24, 2022

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