The full Bd of Commissioners met on 11-8-21. Here’s what happened: 

1]  Juv Crt was allowed to seek a $30,000 grant 

2] Sheriff was allowed to rehire a deputy who departed a bit ago and then wanted back in at the same pay level 

3] LivCo’s  BCBS stop loss amount was raised from 150,000 to $175,000 

 4]Reg Deeds allowed to continue redocumentation of real property   

5] Reg Deeds allowed to accept updated software 

6]  IT allowed to perform addressing duties for Hamburg Township for pay 

7]  Car Pool allowed to buy a second vehicle for Veteran services   

8] LETS allowed to apply for a grant of 10 million dollars to build a second unit in Brighton 

9]LETS allowed to continue a contract with State of Mi for 3 more years 

10] Health Dept allowed to vac at Chilson Hills Church, amending a Resolution of 9/27  restricting vac clinics to Health Dept offices due to suspected wave of new demand by Admin Burd. 

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